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Corporate events including a Casino may be used for a few reasons.


Obviously to give their clients an opportunity to meet and socialise with others in their profession.  To repay their staff for a job well done or simply as a team building exercise. Whatever the reason, a friendly, fun casino atmosphere can help clients and workers alike to relax and wind down.


On the entrance table there will be a sheet explaining how the evening works and an explanation sheet of how each game is played. Each guest may freely help themselves to this information. The croupier at each table can answer any further questions that a player may have.


 Each guest will be given a quantity of “play money”, which can be exchanged at any of the Casino tables for playing chips. There can be 2 or 3 hours play and when the time is up the croupier at each table will take  the name of each player and the value of chips that they have. This will be correlated with the other tables and the player with the highest value of chips will win the prize.


The prize will be at the discretion of the corporate organiser but cannot be cash.


There are a number of Casino tables to choose from and we can advise as to how many will be needed according to the size of your event. But in any case your first step is to contact us for a friendly, no obligation, informative chat.


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