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Deuces Wild

                                 WILD HOLD’EM FOLD’EM POKER

(All 2’s can be any value)


The game is played with a single deck of cards, which is shuffled after every hand.

The Player begins by placing an ante bet in the ”Ante” square.

Players then receive three cards face down.

After looking at their cards players must decide to either bet or fold.

If the player folds he forfeits his Ante bet.

If the player bets he must put an amount equal to the ante in the “Bet” square.

All players who bet then receive a fourth card.

After examining their four card hand, all players still in must decide to raise or fold.

If a player folds he forfeits both the ante and bet.

If a player raises he must place an amount equal to double the ante in the “Raise” square.

All players still in the game receive a final fifth card, which pays according to the pay table as below.-


Hand                         Pay Off

Natural Royal Flush      1000 to 1

Four Deuces                 200 to 1

Wild Royal Flush           30 to 1

Five of a Kind               20 to 1

Straight Flush              10 to 1

Four of a Kind              4 to 1

Full House                    4 to 1

Flush                            4 to 1

Straight                        3 to 1

Three of a Kind            1 to 1

Two Pair                      1 to 1

Pair of Aces                 ante only.


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