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There is a range of tables available with or without croupiers. We will deliver the table to your address several hours before you are due to start. We will set the table up.


All tables come with:

Drink holders

2 decks of cards

Dealer button

Small blind

Big blind

1000 chips (5 colours)


Readymade chip sign showing the value of the chips. A blank chip sign can be left for you to fill in the value.

Please contact us for a friendly no obligation information chat.

The tables is yours for the night and will be picked up the next day when it’s convenient for you. (Go to Tables and pick your tables)

Tables are prices at £50 per night (within a 30 mile radius of Portstewart)


Please contact us for a price outside this area.













Tournament we can supply and run a small / large poker nights or tournaments (with or without croupiers)


We supply:

Entrance registration sheets

Organize the draw for seating

Auto alarm timers for the blinds

Organize downsizing of tables

Distribution of prizes

Chip value signs on each table and around the room

Plastic playing cards

Cut cards

Dealer Button

Small blind

Big blind


Please contact us for a friendly, no obligation, informative chat.





We're based in Portstewart, Northern Ireland
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